Protein powders: the ultimate sports nutrition breakdown

Sports nutrition is a big business. In the US alone last year: sports protein powders reported a net worth of $4.7 billion, making it one of the most profitable sectors of the sports nutrition industry. These figures shine a beaming light on the fact that millions of dollars every year are also spent on product […]

Snacking for adults: healthy eating made easy

Sometimes the most simple snacks are often forgotton, and we find ourselves staring into the mayhem of the “health food isle” of the supermarket, bewildered by choice. When in reality, this food choice should be the easiest and simplest of your day. So here is my list of the top 10 snacks for adults (kids […]

How to fall asleep more easily

Do you ever lay in bed for hours unable to fall asleep? Or wake during the night? Then this is for you! Below are my top tips on how to get more shut eye. Set yourself realistic times to go to bed and wake up in the morning, and keep them consistent every day of the […]

Foods to support your microbiome

Your microbiome consists of all the tiny microbes in your gut (and on your skin & vaginal cavity), which includes a mixture of bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa. Sounds pretty bad, right?! But actually, the balance and health of these microbes regulates our entire immune system, helps regulate body weight, produces neurotransmitters, and alters our […]

What a nutritionist eats in a day

I’m often asked what do I, as a clinical nutritionist, eat in a day. For me, this is an extremely difficult question to answer because it varies massively from day to day. But MOST days tend to follow a similar pattern. I think it’s important to preface this by saying that what I eat is […]

How to stay healthy when your external world is falling apart.

Like many Australian’s, 2020 has been a challenging start for us. On New Years Day a bushfire started a few hundred metres from our home in Sunbury. We spent most of the day checking updates as our town was in a Watch and Act alert. Thankfully, the wind moved the fire away from town, and […]

Probiotics, kombucha and gut health

A hot topic at the moment, optimal gut function is the foundation to all health. However there is a lot of misinformation out there, so in this blog I hope to provide some new insights for you. Probiotics are essentially bacteria and yeast, added to your body in order to help recolonize the microbiome found […]

The female athlete triad: what I wish all female athletes knew.

I’ve been around athletes my entire life. From competing as a junior athlete and then as a young adult on the national athletic circuit in Australia, to now as a clinical nutritionist assisting athletes to achieve optimal performance: I’m all too familiar with health and peak performance. A common issue I’ve seen many clients and […]

Fighting Fatigue

Fatigue, exhaustion and even burn-out are incredibly common in todays society. Have you ever felt so exhausted, even getting out of bed is difficult? I certainly have. In fact, most people will experience fatigue at least once in their lifetime. There are many reasons you might be feeling exhausted. Most commonly fatigue is caused by […]

Why Marketing is Destroying Your Health & Wellbeing

On a recent drive to Mount Macedon I caught myself looking in the mirror: “Ahh these bits of loose hair look really shit” I frustratingly told my fiance. What he said back to me was something I’ve been harping on about for weeks now: “You’ve been sold this false idea that perfect hair exists through […]