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Lisa is a registered nutritionist with both Sports Medicine Australia, and the Australian Natural Therapists Association.
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Lisa Stanton-Smith

My journey started decades ago as a national level 800m & 1500m runner. Driven by the pursuit of excellence, and a strong desire to be the best I can be: I sought out any strategies that could make a 1% difference to my performance. A strong nutritional strategy was just one: but one that made a huge difference to my life.

When my athletic career ended, I went on a winding road (via New Zealand) to become a clinical nutritionist. During that time I ended up hospitalized with glandular fever, and developed chronic fatigue as a result. Something my type A personality didn’t want to accept. But I inevitability did, and learnt to heal my body through a very different nutritional and health strategy.

Once qualified, I spent the first two years of practice working in two different health clinics within the Macedon Ranges: an idealistic semi-rural part of Victoria, Australia. Since our world changed with COVID, I’ve adapted to become an online clinician and health coach. Something that has made our sessions vastly easier for many of my clients. With my background and personal interests: I work predominately with athletes, active individuals, and those with chronic fatigue and gut issues. The later due to the prevalence of its existence in society, and my passion to help people find credible support. Outside of consulting, I’m also often called upon to assist sporting squads, and upskill other health practitioners in nutritional therapy: both in-person and online.

Outside of consulting, I love hiking and running with my Australian kelpie ‘River’; camping and exploring our beautiful country (COVID permitting); tending to our edible backyard garden; baking; admiring a sunset; or enjoying a glass of red with friends.


For those who like to know credentials: I’m a registered nutritionist with Sports Medicine Australia & the Australian Natural Therapists Association. And my qualifications are: Bachelor of Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine from Endeavour College of Natural Health.