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Monday 8th June 2020 4pm - 5.30pm

Digital Masterclass just launched!

Join us in this live interactive webinar to learn everything you need to know in order to heal your gut for good. Sick of suffering through bloating, pain, diarrhoea, constipation, IBS, reflux or the likes? Then this webinar is not to be missed!

Every ticket includes a FREE copy of our Gut Repair Manual ebook.

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What greater expression of love or appreciation: the gift of good health? Give someone you care about an electronic gift voucher for use on all nutrition consults.

What We Do

Learn how to heal your gut for good: how to treat leaky gut, diverticulitis, IBS, constipation.

Chronic gut concerns

Chronic gut issues are on the rise: IBS, IBD, celiac disease, reflux, GERD, leaky gut or intestinal permeability. The list goes on. We believe no one should have to stress about how far away the nearest toilet is. Or deal with debilitating pain on a daily, or even weekly basis. Let us guide you to long-term good gut health today. Book a consult or send us an enquiry to start your journey with our expert nutritionist.

Runner stretching. How to fuel for optimal performance: sports nutrition for running & olympic sport

Sports nutrition

Learn how to use nutrition to gain an edge to your greatness. We'll give you the tools to fuel your performance and your life. Whether you're a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, we can devise a sports nutrition treatment plan specific to your needs.

Get in touch today to see how we can assist your sporting endeavours.

Healthy happy man. Nutritionist Melbourne, Auckland, Macedon Ranges.

General health

Learn how to maximise your nutrient intake to treat disease, prevent disease or maintain general good health. We help separate the facts from the fads, in order for you to work out what foods and nutrients support your body the most. With one of Australia's leading nutritionists you'll soon be equipped with greater knowledge, power and tools to live in great health.


Lisa is currently offering online and phone consultations only. Due to limitations from the covid-19 pandemic, I believe this is the safest method in supporting your health. Hopefully in the not too distant future, I can support you via in person consults as well. If the time/day you are hoping for is not available, please get in touch via phone (+61474113144) or email ( to see if I can assist you.

Our Team

Nutritionist, health professional, Lisa Stanton-Smith, sports nutritionist, gut health

Lisa Stanton-Smith

Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine) & Director. 

Lisa completed her BHSc in Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine through Endeavour College in Melbourne. Prior to this she spent many years studying and working in Melbourne and Auckland amongst the best musculoskeletal specialists, marketing researchers, psychologists and horticulturists, in an attempt to understand the drivers of disease, nutrition, and human behaviour. Coupled with an elite running background, Lisa brings a unique understanding of human nutrition to every consult, and is passionate to help you on your journey to better health. Based in the beautiful Macedon Ranges, Lisa consults locally and online. Outside the nutrition rooms you'll find Lisa walking or running the local trails, running tracks, gardening or admiring a sunset.


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We recognise health is multifactorial and are keen to work with you and other health professionals to reach your goals. Eating healthy should be fun, simple and delicious. We take the researched evidence, alongside clinical experience, and life experience, to provide you with a tailored nutrition plan.

Feel free to email  or contact us via phone for further questions and support on how we can assist your health journey.

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Available for consults in Gisborne (AU) and online via zoom.


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